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Month: September 2016

Planning Tips for Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Backyard kitchens have become the most popular outdoor living and landscape trend in recent years. One of the most exciting and useful things you can add to an outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven. In fact, it could easily be the focal point of your patio dining and cooking area.  A pizza oven can, of course, cook more than pizza, but you will want to make sure it is sized, designed and located correctly. Here are a few considerations as you plan for a pizza oven. Pizza Oven Size It is generally best to opt for the largest size...

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Make a Water Feature Fountain with Bubbling Rocks

Everyone loves water! Fountains and water features can be soothing and relaxing or fun and playful. Some are naturalistic, copying the style of a natural stream, while others are architectural, using clean lines and geometric shapes to create interest. The versatility of water features means they can be designed to fit any home or landscape. Bubbling rocks water fountains are one of the simplest water features to install, yet they have a wide range of options and can be as elegant as much larger water installations. Below the Ground If you are thinking about a bubbling rocks feature for...

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