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Month: October 2016

Landscaping Maintenance Tips: Managing Spring Runoff

It is amazing how much water snow can produce. When the winter snow and ice finally melts in late winter, it can look like there is water everywhere. Lawns seem to be perpetually soggy and walks and drives are wet with water that sometimes turn back to ice overnight. Here are a few landscaping maintenance tips for short and long term management of spring runoff water for the home landscape. Clean Your Gutters Generally speaking, you want to get runoff water away from your house. Though it may not be your favorite late winter chore, get out there and...

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What to do in Your Yard After the Snow Melts

There are days when it feels like winter will never end. By late winter, many of us are waiting anxiously for the first sign of spring. Shouldn’t it be any day now? When the snow finally does melt, avid gardeners and home landscapers will be hurrying outside to begin working in the yard. What are the first things you should do for your landscape as soon as the snow melts? Fertilize Ornamental Plants and Lawn Early spring is a good time to lightly fertilize your ornamental landscape plants, giving them an extra boost as growing season begins. For trees...

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Natural Mosquito Control for Your Garden Pond

Though mosquito control problems are one of the first concerns for those building a fish pond in their backyard, it is one of the easiest pond problems to avoid. A backyard garden pond with the right number of fish, water conditions and mechanical systems should not have a mosquito problem. If you are in the process of planning for your garden fish pond, here is what you need to know about keeping mosquitoes away, the natural way. Goldfish and Koi Eat Mosquitoes Fish are mortal enemies of mosquitoes. If your pond has goldfish or koi, it should not have...

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How To Avoid Damaging Pavers During Winter

Concrete interlocking unit pavers are designed to be virtually indestructible. With correct installation and a few simple maintenance precautions, they will last for years and years without problems. The winter season is when a little extra care should be taken with your unit pavers, whether they are on your patio, walkway or driveway. Just as snow and ice and efforts to clear them can be hazardous to us, the removal of snow and the use of ice melt products creates potential problems for pavers. Chemical Deicers and Pavers Deicers are a fact of life in many regions of the...

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How Many Brick Pavers or Flagstone to Buy

For do-it-yourself landscape projects, a few basic math skills will go a long way toward making the end result a financial and functional success. Estimating the right amount of materials to buy may seem tricky, but with a little guidance and knowledge, you can soon be estimating like a professional contractor. Figuring out how many patio pavers or brick to buy for a walkway or patio is a good place to start. What is the Size of Your Project Area? First, you need to know the size of your walkway or patio as measured in square feet. A 12...

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Fish Pond Protection from Predatory Birds

After investing time, money and effort into building and establishing a garden pond, there is nothing more frustrating than losing one or more of your prized fish to predatory birds. Though a bird attack can happen at anytime, once leaves have fallen, backyard ponds are more visible. In addition, cooler weather will slow down your fish; they are less likely to dart out of the way when a bird comes swooping down. Fortunately, there a few fish pond protection measures that lessen chances you will lose birds to herons and kingfishers, the worst enemies of koi and goldfish. Design...

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Winter Pond Care | Winterizing Your Garden Pond

As winter weather begins its annual migration, it’s important to prepare your landscape and garden for cold and freezing. At the very least, all mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems need inspection. This includes water features and garden ponds. While a backyard garden fish pond is an enjoyable addition to your landscape that needs little care for most of the year, there are a few guidelines to follow and maintenance tasks needed for winter pond care. Clean Your Pond and Balance the Water As winter nears, clean extra leaves and organic matter out of your pond. This will help to...

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