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Month: October 2016

Selecting Healthy Fish for Your Backyard Garden Pond

Keeping fish in a backyard garden pond is a rewarding hobby for those that love landscaping, natural systems and animals. It combines the best parts of each interest. Designing and building a backyard pond is a creative and technical challenge. Caring for and raising small pond fish is a fun way to have animals that don’t need much care and attention. If you select healthy fish, introduce them to your pond the right way and care for them properly, they will provide years of enjoyment. Types of Fish for Your Garden Pond Goldfish and koi are the two standard...

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Comparing Salt and Liquid Deicers for the Home Landscape

Snow and ice on roads, driveways and walks are some of the worst hazards of winter in the north. Manually removing all snow and ice is a lot of work and in some situations just isn’t practical. One thin layer of ice is all it takes to slip and twist an ankle, crack a rib or worse. The use of salt or liquid deicers is a virtual necessity in order to keep paved surfaces safe for walking and driving. Deicing fluids are newer products, and knowing whether to choose rock salt or liquids can be confusing if you have...

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The Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Upgrading your existing landscape lighting system offers the chance to save money over the long run by using less energy while providing more effective and efficient lighting. If you do not yet have landscape lights, a new LED outdoor lighting system is much less expensive than you might imagine. Landscape lights greatly expand the use and enjoyment of your backyard and make your front yard more welcoming and inviting. Here are the main benefits of installing LED landscape lights at your home. Lower Electric Bills Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are the latest in lighting technology. They use less energy...

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