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Month: November 2016

Bulb Planting and Perennial Division Tips

Sometimes the smallest things create the largest impact in the landscape. Bulbs and perennials are a great example. They start small, but explode into patches and fields of color at certain times of year. To get the best effect from bulbs and perennials, there should be lots of them. A few are nice, but a few dozen can be spectacular. All of those small things require a lot of work. Planting dozens or hundreds of bulbs and small potted perennials is not an easy task. Then, given the right conditions, most perennials will grow and multiply. Even some flowering...

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Landscape Lighting the Most Important Areas of Your Home and Yard

If you are considering a landscape lighting system for your home, after providing walkway and basic security lighting, you may be unsure about where, and if, additional lighting should be installed. Carefully placed, well designed landscape lighting can actually do much to increase the curb appeal and visual interest of your landscape. Here are some of the most important areas of to include as part of your landscape and garden design. Tree Lighting Lighting selected trees in your yard is one of the most dramatic ways to use landscape lighting effectively. Uplighting from the base of a tree usually...

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The Best Topsoil From Local Landscape Suppliers

If you want your lawn and ornamental plants to look their best, it is important to use good quality topsoil for home landscape projects. The best topsoil will have the right proportions of sand, clay and organic matter, provide nutrients to your landscape and provide good drainage while still retaining moisture for plant roots to absorb. Before you start a landscape project that involves planting and topsoil, it’s worth taking a little time to get the best material for your needs. Look to buy from local topsoil suppliers that have a variety of topsoil products and blends. Start With a...

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