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Month: January 2017

Growing Plants from Cuttings

Gardeners with experience and a green thumb know a secret for increasing the plant population in your landscape at very low cost. It takes a little bit of skill and a lot of patience, but propagating your own plants – growing plants from cuttings – is a fun way to get more of your favorite garden species. Taking clippings and rooting them is the easiest way to do this. While there is no guarantee of success, a few basic steps increase the chances of successful new plants from cuttings. Shrub and Tree Cuttings Not all tree and shrub species...

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Backyard Pool Landscaping Done Right

Landscape planting and other features around your backyard swimming pool can make or break the fun of having a pool in your yard. Do it correctly and you subtly enhance the beauty of your pool area while making it more functional. If you do pool landscaping wrong, you invite maintenance issues and other problems that take the fun out of splashing in the water on a hot summer day. Planting Around Your Pool Unless you have an elegantly designed, modernist landscape, your pool will look uninviting in a barren yard with nothing around it. Carefully placed plants soften pool...

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Are All Weeds Bad?

Weeds are misunderstood. A weed is simply a plant that is in the wrong place. This is not to say that all weeds are good. There are many plants – let’s call them weeds – that are a nuisance. However, the occasional stray plant in your garden should not be cause for alarm. In fact, it may be doing something useful. Which Weeds are Bad? Some weeds are invasive species; they are difficult to control and cause problems for agricultural production and the maintenance of natural areas. Some very attractive plants such as purple loosestrife cause extensive damage to...

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Garden Style – What Does Your Yard Say About You?

There are almost as many garden styles as there are reasons to garden. The love of plants and flowers, being outdoors, an enjoyable way to get mild exercise, and the creativity of garden design may be why we garden, but why does someone plant a formal garden instead of a naturalistic garden? Some yards are carefully manicured, but the overgrown landscape next door may be tended just as carefully. What can you figure out about someone by looking at their garden? Let’s take a look at some of the basic garden styles and see. The Orderly Garden The orderly...

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